hi guys it’s the worst blogger ever.

so i haven’t used this blog for a long time but i was thinking, what if i would continue using this, but i would make gifs of a lot of different youtubers? or do you guys just wanna see smosh?

this blog is kinda dead so yeah i’m not sure if i’m using this in the future.

i probably should start watching smosh’s videos again so i can start making gifs i don’t know.

but yeah i’m sorry i know i said i’ll start making gifs again

Anonymous asked: urs 2 coo 4 school

okay then

Anonymous asked: can i use your gifs in twitter?:O i can credit u if u want to


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The year is 2044. You have just found your old computer from back when you were a teenager. 

You type “YouTube.com” into the browser. You used to go on that site all the time.

The entire site is dead. Nothing has been uploaded in years.

Except for one video, which was uploaded 10 minutes ago by someone called danisnotonfire.

You look closer to read the title.

The Vegas Video has finally been uploaded.

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Anonymous asked: Have you lost any followers since the URL change?

actually yeah, they probably think this is a porn blog now

everyone started unfollowing me when i came back but nothing can make me unhappy because


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